The Luminous Colors of Love

I am swallowed into the Colors of You - completely eaten
Who was I before this? - I do not recall
This is me. I am taken back
I have been waiting - but now I need wait no more
I have arrived in Your showering color-bliss
Bathe me, eat me!
I know of nothing else - All this is Everything
I never was anything
but the Luminous Colors of Love

Boundless Love
You have fulfilled me entirely
In You I take refugee
It doesn't matter that I was never loved - you give me Everything in this very instance
When nothing's left but complete naked vulnerability and unsafety
I am like a camel pushing through a needle-eye
Born into Reality - the Unbelievable, Ananda-You


Maya, this is ecstatically beautiful. Such a delicious read. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful heart with all of us. I feel blessed!!!! Namaste!!


Thank you so much, Lynn. I love to share with people who can feel That. Namaste and Love!

By Imayami