Divine Love

I am love in love
inside divine mother love
I am attached to Her
i love to love
more and more fully
to fall into the fullness of love
I am at ease
with spiraling clouds and swaying grass
inviting me deeply into relationship
my innocent need
to belong
to be in a relationship
of Real Love
With you I find all that
here and now
together with me everywhere
a miracle is present, unfolding for me
sliding, flowing and vibration in all angles of my perceptions
How can I explain this -
I am alive inside a divine body of the universe
always alive, always...
an untiring love
full of such a pleasurable energy unfolding everywhere all the time
the entirety of Divine Love
always together
I merge my fingers so sweetly with yours
to feel you so intimately close
at the depth of my core
I belong with you forever


Wow! This is really nice poem. I am very excited about your writing skills. I will be waiting for some new posts from you in the future. Moreover, you may become a part of our annotated bibliography machine. Think about it. We need such professionals as you!

By Regina