"Come Here" is Love -

I could write many words, but I never want to, everything i ever wrote or spoke is already lifeless and dead.
My interest is Here. Always here, right here, only here in the unfolding life
functioning as the unfolding life.
Come Here. Feel me. Where are you going, and what are you going to do?
Don't you know there is only Here?
I'd rather hold on to you in love than to speak.
My words will only hurt you.
But when we come into Love, I will speak to you as Love,
and every word will be like a gentle stroke against your hair,
while burning and cutting through all illusions at once
until the naked, shining Reality lights up everywhere
and shines from all angles at once.
We won't have anywhere to go or hide from This
We will be completely swallowed up by Love,
and Light will shine trough our pores, as a nurture for everything - like a mirror for anyone to know themselves as That, we will be, an offering of Life to life.
And we will have no doubt what to do, where to go, or how to function
for we will already be fulfilled, full... As Self, Full Feeling
- Overflowing - as Life itself, eternal.
Life will do what's going to be done. There's only Life.
I have nothing to say
life speaks, and tells Everything.
If you're brave enough to come into Reality and be naked here
You will be so vulnerable and strong at once
that you won't know yourself/Reality as anything but: a living, unfolding Miracle.
No one ever told me how many layers of lies there is to wake up from in this world.
How the Bliss of the Natural World holds everything together, while mankind is pulling everything apart. How brave our hearts must become, how life will crack us again and again, so that we may open further, deeper and deeper into Love.
My darling, come Here! For there's no end to This,
trust me
you'll find no end in Me.
My Love is ever-deepening, and overflowing,
for you, for your satisfaction, to your content - and beyond.
"Come Here" is Love - don't you see?