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By LynnYounger 8 months 3 weeks ago

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Thank you David for mentioning the posting of 'The Flow of the Heart'. I've absorbed it many times today because it speaks intimately to my knowing and experience. Profound blessings, Lynn

By Imayami 8 months 3 weeks ago

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Come talk to me
never stop
talk to me
- cause only Your voice is Sweet

Talk to me
don't ever stop
I love You
with every inch of my being

keep talking
inside the ocean of Your Voice
i swim
like a dolphin
keep talking - I love You more
more than anything
For only Your Voice
is oceanlike
I know of no other ocean

Talk to me
for I know of no other sound
than You
your voice calls me home
as the sound of sound
Let me cry now
let me cry forever

Come talk to me
keep talking
my body weeps as I enter Home
As you speak to me
I fall in love with Love
over and over again
- only Love speaks

Only love listens:
It is the Love of me
that is listening to your voice of Love
and I cry out:
Keep talking!


I am the answer to You
we belong Together
as every corner of the universe
holds on to itself.
like that
we belong

- Keep talking
don't ever stop -

Talk to me!
I will listen to You - forever

By GreenTara 9 months 1 week ago

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I experienced a tranquility, peace and a sense of serenity today in David's webcast. I have not been able to meditate on my own at all due to distractions of the mind lately after many years of deep profound experience's. So it is refreshing to receive and be able to sit in silence. Thank you for the grace and commitment to truth.

By candacezyk 9 months 2 weeks ago

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When u think about it
The self is most rejected -
Truth, beauty...
And human beings (the mind) can be unbearably repugnant!
And reject "itself" and define" itself "and separate" itself" from itself in that process even more, making the situation, worse, much worse.
Most minds don't want the self-more ugliness.
Despite the use of thinking to define the self, to separate,to justify action, to further separate-
To declare reality( and how could that ever be done)
The self, the shining one, instructs the mind, that this is not the self. the energy of thought does not make reality. yet it is energetically a part of the self . nothing can be apart !
So that there can't be any evil
Yet there is evil yet it's not evil !
Evil is not evil.
I love
I love the shining one
The most beautiful
The movement of Grace
In my mind, without my mind, blowing away my mind.

By Ruby 10 months 1 week ago

Your help, David has made a tremendous difference in my Life. I feel what seems like "Grace" in all areas of my life quite often lately. Thank You SO much! Namaste...Ruby.