Sahaja Samadhi, January 15, 2010

Sahaja Samadhi, January 15, 2010

Sahaja samadhi is a Self-Sustaining Condition. It does not need to be tended. It does not need to be even realized — or re-realized. It’s eternally Self-Realizing — and it has no locale. It’s not about the “Inner Self.” It has nothing to do with human subjectivity. It has do with the Consciousness of the Universe Itself, which has now been located within your — even limited, or apparently limited — body-mind. It’s a full participation of bodily life in the Infinite, elastically expansive Consciousness of the Paramatman: that’s when the spiritual process truly climaxes.

You can have many Great States before that occurrence — tremendous states of Realization. But the whole process does not climax until that full, natural, unforced relaxation in Eternal Being occurs, in which there is no relationship — any longer — between the individual, or the apparent individual, the mind, or the apparent mind, and the Eternal substratum of Light and Consciousness that underlies the whole Universe, that permeates every particle of the Universe. The Sahaja-Samadhi-Being is therefore immersed in God, immersed in the delicious, elixir-like qualities of the Full Consciousness of Being, Feeling and Energy.

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