Thank you to the Friends this website for sharing their favorite David Spero quotes.

  • This is about unwrapping and unraveling the mind itself and opening it to the Source-Consciousness.
  • The bond with the Master is a bridge to everything.
  • Take a breath. Relax right into where you are. Let yourself be easy.
  • Love and devotion are expressions of unity.
  • The consciousness of the market-place - of buying and selling, of commerce - is destroying our planet.
  • Bliss is the Self. The Self is Bliss. They are one.
  • To float in “I am That” is to float in “We are Love."
  • The Infinite, Formless Being births Itself into relativity and lives and dies there.
  • Conventional religion keeps conventional knowledge in place.
  • Enlightenment is a no-reaction to a no-state in a no-arena.