Public Events in Fairfield, Iowa with David Spero

Fairfield, Iowa, Information from Jonathan Mayhew

A Note from Jonathan Mayhew:

Hello fellow devotees and students of David. The Fairfield Intensive coming up in June is off the beaten path of Bay Area/Sedona Intensives. I am hoping that unfamiliarity does not keep you from missing a visit to this amazing and entirely unique, one-of-a-kind little midwestern town. Fairfield is an astonishing bubble of consciousness where perhaps 30% of the population are meditators of one type or another. It began in the early 1980s when the TM movement of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi purchased the defunct Parson's College Campus and hundreds of young college age meditators moved there and became students at the new Maharishi International University. After graduating many of them stayed in town, living their lives, getting married, starting businesses and thriving. By now Fairfield has become pretty well known in the spiritual underground for its unique character and has attracted many new residents from all manner of spiritual paths. It is a heady mix of artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, yogis, scientists, European & Indian meditators, foreign and American students, sustainability advocates and spiritually focused families enjoying an atmosphere of bliss in a small town featuring many beautiful parks and a low cost of living. I encourage you to join David in this remarkable place in June. What follows is a quick guide to eats, lodging, transport and sightseeing in Fairfield.

All meetings will be at Fellowship of the Holy Spirit, 51 South Court St., on the east side of the town square. Most of the restaurants that are primarily vegetarian and serve the meditator population are located on or nearby to the town square. Maps on your phone will guide you. All are within easy walking distance of the meeting place except as noted.


Noodle House: 59 North Court street. The north east corner of the square. Primarily vegetarian Thai style buffet & menu lunch and dinner. Inexpensive and fast. No ambience but fairly tasty. A few doors away from the Church. Lunch & dinner. $

India Cafe: 50 West Burlington. South side of the square. Primarily vegetarian. Good Indian food, but a bit heavy in the tummy. Quick lunch buffet. Dinners are menu. Better at lunch. Inexpensive. $

Shokai Sushi: 010 West Broadway, north west corner of the square. Voted best sushi in Iowa. Vegetarian sushis available. Moderate prices. $$

Thai Deli: 120 West Broadway. On the corner 1 block west of the square. Primarily vegetarian buffet style Thai and American food. Lunch and dinner. Quick, quite inexpensive and filling. Average on the tasty scale. $

Revelations: 112 North Main. Half a block north of the square. Bookstore, coffehouse. Soup and salad & limited but generally good menu. Primarily vegetarian. Often slow service. You must go in a see Peter Clemen's (David devotee) 3D painted wooden yantras on the walls. Meditator hangout place. $$

ILA: 116 North Main. Also half a block north of the square. Excellent and varied California & Italian cuisine for a more leisurely lunch or dinner. A mix of vegetarian and omnivore entrees. Highly recommended. $$

Amore Mio Italian Restaurant: 53 East Broadway. On the North side of the square. Authentic & unique Italian food. Have not eaten there as it is new since I left town. Generally very good reviews. Vegetarian dishes, I don't know.

Cafe Paradiso: 101 North Main. The north west corner of the square. No meals. Coffehouse with good espresso. Deserts. Legendary live music at night. Hangout spot.

2nd St Cafe: 51 North 2nd St. One block west of square and half a block south of Broadway & 2nd St. Mix omni and vegetarian small lunch buffet. Usually tasty & quick. Coffee & deserts. $

The Cider House: 102 North 2nd St. One block west and half a block north of the square. For those who eat cows. Voted Iowa's best burgers. Bar and resto. Lunch and dinner. $$

Aranda's Mexican Restaurant: 203 West Broadway. One and a half locks west of the square. Good to average Mexican food. Mostly omnivore. Mentioned because of nice outdoor streetside dining option. Lunch and dinner. $

HyVee Supermarket: Not near the square. West Burlington Ave west end of town. Mentioned for raw fooders and salad bar affectionados. Fairly good salad bar of fresh raw stuff. $

The Raj: 1734 Jasmine Ave. Not near square. Very good organic vegetarian lunch buffet. The Raj Hotel is outside of town in Vedic City a few miles north of Fairfield. This hotel caters to clients who come from all over for expensive Pancha Karma and Ayurvedic medicine treatments. Meals are $$.


All are too far to walk except some Air BnBs and the Landmark.

Landmark Inn: The only downtown hotel. Across the street from Revelations and ILA restaurant. Old hotel dates from 1924. Clean and simple. Short one block to meetings and right near all downtown restos. About $50/night. You would not need a rental car for your visit.

Americinn: Newest motel. South end of town, 1.5 miles from the square. About $93/night.

Best Western: West end of town 1.3 miles from the square. About $100/nite.

Super 8: West end of town 1.9 miles from the square. About $65/night.

Rukmapura Park Hotel: In the countryside near Vedic City maybe 5-7 miles north of the square, or 10 min drive. Very quiet elegant vedic architecture country inn with suites. May have chalets for rent too. Suites are $129 single/$139 double.

Air BnB: There are a good number of Air BnB listings of rooms, cottages etc some very close to the square. From about $40/night to over $100/night.

Cabins in the Forest:
Jefferson County Park has two lovely cabins with lawns in the woods. Sleep up to 6, with kitchenette. About 2 miles or 5 min from the square. Park is on the southwest edge of town. $40/night. Call Jeff. County Conservation Board 641-472-4421 to reserve. Better hurry. See the cabins here: http://www.jeffersoncountyconservation.com/jcpark.html

Camping: Very nice campground in Jefferson County Park with electricity and water at campsites, plus showers. $17/night with electricity. $14 without. This Campground is often full in the summer. No reservations. See the link above for photos.

More Camping: At Round Prairie Park, 11 miles or 12-15 min. southeast of Fairfield. 12 sites most with electric hookups. No reservations.Much less likely to be full than Jeff. County Park. See photos and info here: http://www.jeffersoncountyconservation.com/round.html


Everybodys: Natural food supermarket on North 4th street, about half a mile north of the square. It has everything. Meet the locals. Also there is a restaurant in the store that serves buffet style mostly vegetarian lunch. Reasonable and yummy.

HY-Vee: Midwestern chain supermarket. West end of town on the main drag (Burlington Ave). They have a pretty good natural food section, due to local consumer pressure. Also has the aforementioned salad bar.


One of the main attractions (for me) are the lovely parks in & around the town

Waterworks Park: Features a lovely lake, you can swim in!! Lake has lawns and picnic table on one side and forest on the other side, with a trail around the lake. a favorite haunt of mine when I lived in Fairfield. The east side of the University campus is next to Waterworks. 15 min walk from the square.

Chataqua Park: East edge of town on East Burlington Ave. Lots of lawns, picnic tables and shelters. Playground and a great frisbee golf course. 10 min walk from the square.

Jefferson County Park: Mentioned above in camping. Many trails through the forest. 20-25 min walk from the square.

Other Parks: There are about a half dozen other parks with trails scattered about the city.

Bike Trail: A great bike and walking trail encircles the city and winds through many of its parks. People come from all over eastern Iowa to ride it. Alas there are no bike rental places in town. But you can walk a beautiful part of the trail from Howard Park, through Waterworks Park (another lake), to Walton Lake, and back. That particular walk is about 2 miles one way.

Roosevelt Aquatic Center: Indoor and outdoor big swimming pools, hot tub, weight room, spin bikes, raquetball courts, showers & lockers. $5 a visit I think. 10 min walk from the square.

Shopping & Galleries

There are many unique shops and art galleries around the square.

Getting There

Closest airport is Cedar Rapids, about 1.5 hours. Service from American, and United Airlines. Ground shuttle service by local independents available to and from Fairfield. Fares are a little higher here than from Des Moines. Des Moines Airport is about 2 hours away, with the same airlines plus Southwest, Delta & Frontier, and maybe more. Also local Fairfield shuttles are available. Fares are lower than to Cedar Rapids due to more competition. If you stay downtown you could fly in, get a shuttle and then walk easily from your lodgings to meals & meetings without a car. Rental cars are of course available at the airports. Shuttle providers I think are about $75 one way from the airports. You need to google them to find them.