who i am is simply who i am

Personal experience with the bliss.

who i am is just simply who i am.

what i am doing is just simply what im doing.

that is me relative from the bliss's perspective. the mothers perspective. the shaktis perspective. the current of joy expressed in the mind and body.

there is a place in which something is more powerful than who i am and what i am doing.

that something is the love from the mother. the power of her joy expressing itself in the body and mind.

with that said i am me and it has importance to me. the mother and her power supercedes what i think and what i desire.

my body and mind no matter how strong or stubborn is no match for her. her love is causeless, and endless. beyond the things.

try as i might and i cant stop feeling her love express itself from head to toe.

i say this cause it matters. it matters because who i am and what i am doing does not to her. which means her love is grand in that the possibility to opening to her power is for EVERYBODY!!!!!!! I am witness to that.............

thanx for reading. if you havent already i hope you find her power!