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By Sophia 11 months 2 weeks ago

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So wonderful to attend the webcast again. David's morning discourse inspired me to Trust and receive David's Darshan in the evening webcast as the Grace of Recognition -- feeling Innocence and awakening to Allness.


By Abha 11 months 2 weeks ago

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8/31/16 Tremendous Bliss pouring through.... A cool spring through a vast desert. Complete Satisfaction. Jai!

By jedijohn 11 months 3 weeks ago

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you where saying something that peaked my interest and may have helped me, today. then the webcast went off. I wonder what you where going to finish saying or maybe you did???disconnect. well thanks for the blessings as always. with deepest graditude and heartfelt thanks.

By ryan 12 months 2 days ago

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I can only say a few words cause so busy with driving and dealing with shippers and receivers. But i wanted to say thanks David for the wednesday, saturday webcasts. It was a good time even though i could only about a time or so a month connect on the internet to it. But as i said before i felt you and everybody and that was pretty cool. Then again in sedona i wind up running right by y'all. Lol. Last year to. God or whatever is cool like that. Felt real good bet y'all blasting all kinds of energy about. Lol. Thats what it felt like anyways. Lol

In the mean time im going full speed ahead but look forward to mixing with y'all when you do it again. If not i understand as things are always changing and so on. And all is good! Maybe if nothing else in berkeley or wherever the event may be. Happy trails and maybe catch you folks later on!

Peace, love, excitement, and may everybody be consumed with endless shakti......ha ha

By ryan 1 year 1 week ago

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In my experience i can probably relate more with David than other teachers i have heard. In my experience what i get out of Davids webcasts seem to be more than other things like that i have participated in. I am veey grateful! I say that not because i think one is better than the other. That i dont know? I only know what helps and works for me.

What i have learned about myself is that what i experience may be different in how i experience growth.

Over the time i began my journey i have seen that how i interpret and analyse growth is mainly mechanical like. I dont go so much by philsophical and or psychological. Its not in my make up.

My gift is in feeling. So for me im like an engineer and construction company. Im engineering and building space for myself.

I feel around for areas that are lagging behind. Im in search for blockages that are restricting flow and not allowing more space for me to reside in.

Step one for me was becoming the shakti current that is a feeling of love and or intoxicating joy. Becoming it in that its always there despite circumstances and emotions. Effortless as people i hear say.

Step two is to use that fuel source and tool to knock down the walls for more space.

The place i sense the restrictions is around my third eye. Like a kink in the hose. The shakti current is always working through the kinks 24/7. Which is why step one precedes all others. I guess somebody can just do step one and sit back and let the shakti do all the rest of the work. Since its going to effortlessly anyways.

A way of adding more power to the shakti is of course an added tool. Meditating, Davids webcasts, and for me using the powers coming from the planet. Merging i think of it as.

But putting my attention on the kinks is a way for me of pointing the gun at the problem. The gun is always firing away. So all i have to do is point.

So for months now when i focus i keep the gun pointed right at my third eye. Before i had to do it for shorter periods. Cause there is a point of diminishing returns cause the body for me can only go at a certain pace. Beyond that causes pains and discomforts that can make sleep difficult and so on. In sleep is a lot of healing. So it becomes diminishing if it keeps me from sleeping. Plus there is some value in quality of life imo. If i go so hard as to become in so much pain in discomfort then Whats the point anyways. Thats how i see it. But like most things digging in some pays dividends. So the engineer in me has to come upon an idea that gives me the greatest gang but tolerable enough to be able to sleep and so on. To much can send me backwards. So its a constant calculation.

The good thing i have found is it only gets easier and easier. Its like momentum. Its like i become a larger muscle more able to handle the job.

The power is gained a lot of ground lately. Today in meditation i noticed a lot more space available. Power coming from my third eye like never before. The focus is intensified by utilizing harmonics that also help put the focus right where i want it. So i got my mind and sound working for me.

Sometimes it can feel like the work may not be paying off. So i got to remember how much space i had and how much i have now. Today was a good day. Today its clear to see i am way ahead of where i was and where i am at. Like i just took a big leap. The kink in the hose is losing its grip and i am making ground. I am very happy and pleased.

I dont sense any kinks anywhere else. But once i get this one completely out i am curious to see if and where the next one may be. Sense it will be more free'd up something may pop up. Or maybe there wont be one. I dont know?

Speaking from the information side of things. Its blocked memories from what i can gather. I have learned that the healing can happen with or without the memories coming back. The shakti is beyond knowledge. So it doesnt matter if the memories come back. I personally like a little of both. At some point there is also a diminishing return. If the memories are to much at one time it can put the mind in overload. From what i can gather memories can come from many life times and there may even be things going on presently that are to much. Alien abduction perhaps would be an example if that actually goes on. So its nice to remember and it's nice to not perhaps. Thats what i have found for me.

I love being my own science project!