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By ryan 7 months 2 weeks ago

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If only i had known what it really is from the begining. Then what fun would it be i wonder? I thank daily David and others whom speak of the bliss and silence.

I remember being a small child and like most children there were times i got into trouble. When this happend i was sent to my room as punishment. I remember the punishment and found it to be a peculiar experience. Cause i would sit by myself in a joy and laughter. I have been told like a joke somebody would eventually come to let me out. Wondering why is it i was there so long.

Life happens and we become programmed of things. And if we are very lucky we may hear something from David or others and get to know about the possibilities of bliss and silence. And what it is.

In my experience i have come upon some information. Lately i have been working on getting a kink out of myself so the current of joy and silence can become more free'd up. I have been making some ground in the kink in my third eye. Im not where i want it yet. But much closer.

The kink may have been a blessing for discovering the joys of spirit. I once told myself intuitively i would of never made it without the kink. Perhaps i thought i would of gotten stuck in my third eye and not focused on my heart and discovered the joy. Another time my intuition played out me making like a test for myself to find spirit blindfolded and without my hands. I said i would do it that way, then bowed to the challenge.

Then another time i recalled a life of being in a very difficult situation. Being a jew and at the same time some how being like a scientist/archaeologist about spirituality for the nazis due to my knowledge at that time. I have remembered being that person another time and so i give it some validity. Ending with them surgically removing my eyeballs. The experience of that was like wanting to vomit from the disgust of them being pulled out. I intuitively told a person that they took my eyes out. The next day or so i relived the experience bringing myself back. That is how i healed myself into the bliss. Through reliving past life experiences. So that was the only one in relationship to my third eye.

A more interesting thing came up for me about it from my girlfriend. She got a download while we were talking on the phone. Crystal clear. My guru in india previous to this life wished me to find it another way. So he put a block on my third eye. Which could make sense since my travels to the bliss was from my heart. It could be that block forced me to open up where i was previously weak.

Of course i could say to myself. None of it matters. And in a sense it doesnt. But in the experience of endless joy and silence can be life and remembrances of life before. And stories to contemplate on now and then. And i like that. Especially since things become more and more normalized in the experience of bliss and silence. It all seems to come back togther.

By jasalerno 8 months 3 days ago

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It's just me and the candle. I'm watching the stark contrast of the milky white of the candle against the black background of the night sky, the flame casting a flickering orange shadow on the window frame. The sweet vanilla aroma of the candle reaches my nostrils and the tinkle of the wind chimes outside my window rings in my ears. I am aware that the gentle movement of my body as I sit in meditation is one with the rhythm of the flicker of the candle, the aroma, the tinkle of chimes, the hum of the furnace coming on, and the silence of awareness. It's the same rhythm in different forms flowing through my senses and back out again in waves going back to its source. The silence and the rhythm are two sides of the same coin looking from the gap between the two, but also somehow joined as one eternity.

By Sophia 8 months 1 week ago

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Gravitating toward the Heart with David's Wednesday Webcasts' hour-long meditations. Heart opening; awakened movement of feeling. Bliss buoys, recognizing and releasing waking-life impressions. So wonderful to feel more animated with Life. Jai David!


By gabriel5779 8 months 2 weeks ago

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The contrast is so great at times when i am in deep cycles of suffering and relief is found. When i sat with David today and the relief and grace and guidance i receive in that hour is nothing short of Miraculous thanks so much David..

By Stephen 8 months 2 weeks ago

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Before and since a recent intensive with David, I have contemplated the teachings of J. Krishnamurti, the refutation of JK by U.G. Krishnamurti and this rumination as it is clarified by the transmission of David Spero. I mean my phenomenological clarification of “being in the world”, to use the language of philosophy. I prefer to call what happens in his company “spiritual awakening”, allowing the language of spiritual apprehension inaccessible to the intellect, to thought.

JK uses the term “actuality”. In my opinion, his “actuality” is more explicitly “Non-Duality” or “Absolute Being”, again using language more mystical, although speaking from the philosophical context of Advaita Vedanta. Actuality, for JK as I understand him, includes the limited field of thought, but the reverse is not entirely the case. Thought itself is a fragmented duality: the multiplicity of thoughts regarding oneself, the subject, with the multiplicity of thoughts about the world, objects of knowledge. Actuality, Absolute Being, is unknowable in the dualistic limitations of thought. Actuality, nonetheless, is fundamental to the content of thought, as JK says, “thought is the content of consciousness”. So “actuality” is also that in excess of thought, more than this content. The unifying “actuality” can be a novel phenomenological experience, of “being in the world”, the teacher JK asserts, if the brain undergoes a radical transformation, a mutation, that occurs in continuous attention, and attention to inattention, ending the fragmenting experience of duality. Duality is perpetuated in our thought-world, as our “reality”. JK says reality is “all that put together by thought”. Ultimately, nonetheless, subjectivity is not merely the consciousness of thoughts about oneself, but the consciousness of actuality, or as I prefer to call it, Absolute Being. Aphoristically, his teaching is expressed as “the knower is the known”, or “we are the world”. JK teaches that “insight” occurs during an effort at attention, revealing a novel phenomenological existence for the individual making that effort. Insight is produced not as a result of that effort, but as clarification of “what is”. One “sees” actuality.

U.G., however, completely rejects the possibility of doing anything or receiving anything from anyone, JK or any so-called teacher or guru, so as to bring into a phenomenological experience the “actuality”. U.G. lived what he calls the “natural state”, obviously also something novel vis-à-vis what we might call normal human individuality. However, he insists such a state is acausal. Nothing can be done by anybody or to anybody to obtain such a state. Even though U.G. went through a radical physical transformation he calls “the calamity”, he says that he was just “lucky”. This, even though he had long practiced meditation related techniques (sadhana) and had practiced years in the company of JK, listening to his teachings. Yes, he was "lucky", but he also did a lot of sadhana, useless as it may be, apparently! I think the personal presentation by U.G. unattractive. What he exemplified is much better read in his edited teaching in the book "The Mystique of Enlightenment - The Radical Ideas of U.G. Krishnamurti". Reading this recently, I came face to face with the futility U.G. is always pointing to: what I am, is it, I am stuck in the JK “reality” as it is. Even though my “reality” has been getting enhanced by clearer insight in a conception of “actuality”, U.G. is convincing. Anything I think I can do, or I think can be done by somebody else for me is just another construction of thought. I cannot escape the compelling presentation of our individual existence by U.G.. Our “being in the world” as an acausal condition is perhaps only understandable as a conditioned state that emerged for no reason in the evolution of humanity. If this indeed is all there is to actuality, it hasn't the purpose demanded by my desire.

So now I come to my awakening as impacted by David's transmission. I cannot but “see” JK is correct that the knower is also the known. I also accept as U.G. points out, that this insight, clarifying as it is to this point, still remains a unification in the field of thought. It has a beauty, but I remain seeking another novel phenomenology. Important is that JK also says there is no path or way of transcending “reality”, yet “actuality” operates in a pathless way, and has an entirely different action by which we can receive insight, being effortlessly attentive. JK calls it the “mutation of the brain”, after which he says he was a “freak”. U.G. called transformation “the calamity”, and his subsequent condition a more friendly term, “the natural state”. JK taught that we are to find out for ourselves what happens during attention to the fact that “we are the world”, another formulation of “the knower is the known”. U.G. said don't listen to anyone, not even himself, or most of all, not himself or oneself, and be free of any hope of anything but what you are – perhaps you may undergo some radical change, but the “natural state” is not something anyone would want. Neither U.G, or JK assume any role in the transformation of those who come to them. I feel left yearning for such a transformation to occur, but understanding there is nothing I can do. David, however, states explicitly that he was born to be the vehicle of the operation or action of the Absolute as an omnipresent transmission that manifests a radical change in people. David says this happens, over an indeterminate period of time, in the state of those who enter into a relationship with him. In the language of mysticism, or more specifically the using the term we find in Vedanta, only an “Avatar” manifests such a function. Some may say that this spiritual transmission was also spontaneous in the company of JK or U.G.. I think perhaps that is true, but I only I find it clearly in David, having been fortunate enough to enter into a personal relationship with him.

In his book “Easy Grace – Meditations on Love, Awakening & the Ecstatic Heart”, David provides a powerful presentation of the meaning of being in his company, and so experiencing what the Vedanta tradition calls “Satsang”. In the U.G. book I mentioned, he points out that seeking enlightenment itself is the root of one's not operating in the already existing "natural state". This false expectation of getting something, or being something that you are not already, is what he means by the mystique of enlightenment. It is desire itself that makes us opaque, limited from what we desire. In David's book, we are reading transcriptions from his extemporaneous talks, much of them in intensives such as we just had. I am saying the reader of those pages can experience some flavor of what is found in David's actual company. My experience of “Satsang'' is David showing us that the opaque phenomenological condition we experience is, in fact, porous. My tangible intuition is he is not just saying that the egocentric desire intrinsic in our lives is to be eroded through the efforts of renunciation and negation, by sadhana characterized by intense attention and self-effort. He demonstrates the Light of the Absolute shining in duality, penetrating and inclusive of the structures of desire. In this Satsang, there is an energetic impact on the state of being of the listeners. This action of the Absolute is shown to us only by an Avatar, through the mandala of seekers receiving that transmission. It is mysterious, but there is no mystique. The word “Avatar” is applied simply because it is only such a physical being, who qualifies as such. Only the Avatar has become a material vehicle generating a mutation in the being, in the physical and mental and emotional body, of those who enter Satsang. In Satsang, all delusions are deconstructed and something unfathomable occurs. Such delusion actually prevents almost anyone from even seeking such company. Even if we do, we may be more or less opaque, demanding an objective experience, an absurd expectation of the Absolute. Such has been my own situation. This veil is what is removed only by the action of the Absolute, what I prefer to call the Divine Mother's Grace. Though on the one hand, it seems my sadhana continues, on the other hand, it is only the Love between David and myself which does and can destroy the limitations in my self-delusion, by grace, and only by Her inscrutable Way.

Beneficial phenomenological experiences get manifested and reported by participants in Satsang . This happens not just during meditation, or quiet listening, but also in dialog with David, and quite often through exquisite humor and hard laughter. Though perhaps helpful, relationships with many spiritual teachers are fraught with deception and self-deception, as U.G. says. Yet the Avatar is another register of relationship, demonstrating impeccable Divine Love! This is not a matter faith or belief in David, the individual person with his normal frailties. It is astounding to me that he says that he is oblivious to the way the Absolute operates in his appearances as Feminine Power, that he is not at all wanting to know – not demanding in the least any objective experience. Ironically, it would be his absurd expectation of the Absolute to be somebody that operates as Divine Mother! Nonetheless, there David is, appearing for Satsang, a revelation to all in attendance of their own enlightenment! It is a matter of directly experiencing, even in the face of one's own skepticism or self-doubt as it were. Every time I go to these events it is a shattering experience leaving me at a new register of being in Being. It is a profound thing to witness the same thing happening to so many others at the same time, each person in their own unique way. There are a variety of personality types. They represent a number of “spiritual” attitudes, some having practiced for decades in the line of other great teachers or even earlier Avatars. We also find present other adherents such as academics, psychotherapists, and artists. It is amazing that all seem to find themselves, in the end, in a state of profound gratitude, as if they have come to a strange wish-fulfilling tree. Every intensive event has a kind of sameness in that it is like coming to a place that makes our life what the Avatar Sri Ramakrishna called “a mansion of mirth”, an ocean of feeling, of Love. David calls it Shakti-Intensified, Bliss-Permeated and Nectarous Non-Duality.