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By mark.jack 6 months 2 weeks ago

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We just finished morning meditation with David. Such radiance; such blissful life force; beauty and love that encapsulates at all levels of being. I go into take care of my mom who has advanced Alzheimer's. I'm able to make her laugh, and feel such a sense of joy and gratitude for the Grace, stamina and equanimity that allows me to handle all that is involved. There was no insurance money; my mom was not able to receive Medicaid.or any funding from family or friends. Yet everything somehow is fine; more than fine

I had something so beyond all of that ! My connection with you and a level of sublime knowing, of the ineffable Consciousness that has allowed me to survive. ! Actually more than survive, to actually know and live from a level of blessedness, of Grace. To thrive despite seemingly desperate circumstances

David's Darshan, his Blessing at all levels of existence has engendered this profound peace and love that has been field tested at unfathomable levels and the sweetest tears are flowing for this greatest gift.
My love and devotion to you always, dearest David.

Mark jackier

By lunarshakti 6 months 3 weeks ago

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After all these years (17 I'm guessing), I still feel the immortal bliss that is David. I miss and long for him dearly.

By brooksey 6 months 3 weeks ago

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Recently, when traveling to see David in Sedona, there were many delays/cancellation with the airlines going and coming. But, throughout it all I was carried so lovingly with such grace and ease. All of the way, the bliss and love surrounded me, filled me, and carried me. Such is the grace that David provides. My trip was even paid for unexpectedly by the airlines! I am so deeply thankful for David’s presence in my life. Really, I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have David as my teacher.
I really can't put into words how powerful and ecstatic the intensive was. Words pale against the experience, but it remains in my heart where I treasure it.
Namaste dear David.

By Abha 7 months 6 days ago

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Sedona is the perfect backdrop for the new trajectory of David's teaching. His Transmission this last weekend took on a whole new quality experienced by everyone in their own personal way, but totally and completely brought each of us to a completely new view of Reality from which to view our life and gave us tremendous energy to make any changes necessary. Jai David!

By ryan 7 months 2 weeks ago

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So my journey to releasing in my third eye area kicked started in hawaiia. The energy there for me went straight to my third eye. The flavor of it was deadening. An intoxicating feel but a slowing down. I was stripped of my drive. Everything took much more effort and my desire became to do as little as possible. But in that was like a recipe for clearing. And it did at a speed and level i perhaps couldnt of handled had not i been slowed down into its power.

Coming home i felt that power begin to leave me. I was relieved and yet thabkful for her work. My first trip back out on the road as i approached az i became into an ecstatic excitement as my being merged back as like a new me meeting the powers of az again. And perhaps since that is where David is it could be that to. Im sure at least to some degree if not a great one.

In my head and the sides of my head became noticeably stretched out. And the energy had become integrated into more of the cells of my body in that area. I can still taste the areas that have not become one. But are more like a little different flavor anx less maluable. But more mixed into the parts that are pure.

It came to me to bring out my old tool box. The one i started my journey on to unite with the joys of spirit. So i practiced a bit to remember how. Testing music that excites the shakti to find some that has the power. Then i practiced my throat to find the vibrations and sound to give shakti the movement i was looking for. I found that also bringing my tongue upwards it helps direct the energy from below up through the top of my head. I think i used that before but im not entirely sure.

It was exciting turning back the clock with an old tool.

I found i pushed it a bit to far once and had to stop. There was a shift that happend that was to quick for my mind. So it felt comfortable to ease it up.

With the extra elasticity and resilience in my third eye area i found that i could push through my meditatiojs with harmonics designed to activate that area. I dont recall over doing it. So that has been good. And still doing it.

Lastly the other day i let lose of something in meditation i think. Later finding the increased shakti was very excited. In a joy that my body was trying to release. My hands were shaky in excitement. Joys trying to release themselves in laughter. I found i dont need as much sleep but its beginning to normalize itself.

I have been lucky a few times in that my off time wound up on wednesdays. Where i took as much advantage as possible with davids meditations. One hit me straight in the heart and i became energized with growth. The others were good to.

Its been a number of years now in this bliss and silence and its hard for me to see like an end. An end in that it alwayz is but flavors and the depth are changing and increasing. All i know is i love it and am very thankful. But most importantly feel lucky for people like David whom talk about it and share it. Very lucky!