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By ryan 1 month 5 days ago

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was looking forward to this morning's meditation. just got a load truck driving to get me home 4 minutes before it starts. usually its good to get one earlier rather than later except in this case. lol. oh well. Im sure i will get something anyways as David's meditations are that powerful.

choiceless surrender.

i am powerless to her power on top of my head.

she has an army of clouds, air, and moisture in the sky.

she once asked me, " is it the sky?"

ten years ago she asked after scooping me up into her arms.

as i sit here in texas with her great power in the sky. completely helpless. but in love with the great joy. ten years of surrender. finally yes i say, " it is the sky."

like a lightening rod to her power sitting on top of my head, i have no other function. i have no other option. i have no other job to do.

but surrender to her power. the joy is her army. the joy is her power.

not by choice, but through each moment, each breath. she takes me. speck by speck. she takes me. cell by cell. dissolving what was me into her.

there is no fight. yet i fight everyday. in fighting her is the same. in loving her is the same. in cursing her is the same. everything is the same. everything is the same. me dissolving into her.

so when i sleep i sleep. when i relax i relax. when im excited im excited. she holds all of the cards as she has said before. but with everything is her joy.

my one and only choice. enjoy the ride. or not. but whatever i chose. is her ride. ride of joy. not by me but by her.

By gabriel5779 1 month 2 weeks ago

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Wow David this isn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last, i thought of you the other night when i was at bottom with recent challenges, and you came through with your light house of the impossible immensity. i can't help but think of that song your own personal jesus sometimes when i think of you thank you soo much my beloved friend , I love you :)

By jasalerno 1 month 3 weeks ago

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And wasn't I shocked when I saw David's picture in our local paper, that he was coming to Fairfield for an intensive. I first met David on Buddha at the Gas Point where Rick Archer does interviews. That was about 6 years ago and I had never met David in person until this past Thurs. public meeting. After watching 6 years of videos and webcasts I have to say his darshan in person is ten times more powerful.

Thank you so much for coming here, David. And I hope we all convinced you to come back. Thanks for the kaleidoscope of experience and non-experience, the bliss love joy, the deep transcendence, the intense shakti that burned and cleared out all the junk from an intense period of my life where I was over doing it and you came at just the right time to help in my recuperation. Somehow I lost that connection with nature that I use to have in my walks and now it's back again. You have renewed me. Your presence here "stuck" as you say. I went to a sitar concert Sunday night after the last meeting and found I was on auto pilot on my way there, during and coming home from the concert. I became the music, the vibration, and my body swayed and vibrated as it. Can't explain that, but there it was.

I marveled at the effect you were having on my friends that came. Thank you again. They needed this.

In loving gratitude,


By ryan 2 months 4 weeks ago

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Man i got lucky out on the road. Dont have a load to pick up tell monday. So i got to stop at a wonderdul truck stop where they got a great Indian food and its also a buffet. Buffets are good for me cause im 1.5 people in size. lol

And my phone gets internet here. So i got to participate in David's intensive. It was very powerful and i thank you very much! Got a lot of work left to do clearing stuff out of and around my head. But you know shakti's joy makes it all surrender and dissolve. lol. With Davids help it has no chance. lol.

I am very thankful of you David!

By ryan 3 months 2 weeks ago

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i just feel like saying thanks today. i look back at my journey. before meeting David i spent about a few years trying to find out about why my body and mind is full of bliss. im just some guy. havent done anything all that worthy. like the song ordinary average guy. i just heard it on the radio. which got me thinking.

i heard all about jesus. i heard all about eating in certain ways. i heard all about saving the world. i heard all sorts of things.

my intuition said it could be anyone cause its eveeyone. all i know is when i put my feeling and intuition first it is how i got to what i wanted. which is joy. why all the noise about control. seemed a far cry from compassion if thats what it is about.

the drive that it could be anyone for me had a lot of power behind it. wishing some how throughout my lifetimes i have done some wrong as well as right. with all that i have done wrong and if i can do it. then there is hope that everyone can enjoy endless joy. i have had some pretty intuitive experiences that have shocked me to my core. the power behind it was to prove that even some dumb azz like me can do it. so if its not about feeling bliss all the time. i guess i will prove the possibility the other way. all i can say is still today im shocked of what intuition displayed various times with the power of it could be anybody. perhaps i shouldnt say this and im happy to edit it if need be. but after a few years of hearing how it is from the spiritual/religious police i cant help myself. lol. to all the cops of spirituality. yes it can be anyone. but hey. if being a snob gets you off. what do i care? i am long passed trying to figure out why the bliss is endless.